Magic just as it says, as close to the guests as is possible.  Ideal for restaurant work, hotel receptions and corporate events, as well as an intimate entertainment staged at home, close-up magic involves miracles with cards, coins, nuts and bolts, matchboxes and other everyday objects as well as less familiar ones such as the lethal–looking finger chopper!
We pride ourselves on being highly professional in this field as well as entertaining.  Magicians who have practiced a form of magic that promotes the concept of them being clever and their audience being stupid have put off a lot of people.  We do not subscribe to this view and often perform tricks in which the spectator does the impossible without any influence from the magician.  This often promotes a feeling of positive well being instead of bemused puzzlement, which is far more desirable.  Close-up magic is particularly useful at times when a venue is busy – people tend not to notice the length of time they are waiting if they are being entertained.  Balloon-modelling is also a good detraction and we often incorporate the two when performing.

Steve is a past winner of NMC Close-up Magician of the Year