An affectionate tribute to the ‘Good Old Days’ of variety as Inflatable Theatre present an entire evening dedicated to the Victorian and Edwardian era.  The sing-along sections are all there for the audience to indulge in and in addition, we present all those speciality acts that made an evening at the theatre so enjoyable at the turn of the century.  There are monologues, magic turns, a melodrama, a ballet, a strongman act, a tightrope walker, a historical enactment and much much more, all introduced by your ebullient, effusive altogether awe-inspiring Master of Ceremonies and an enthusiastic cast.  Having said all that, our Old Time Music Hall is not at all stuffy and most of our audience find themselves either laughing or singing and sometimes both at the same time!  Appropriate costume is encouraged for these audiences.

Our Old Time Music Hall is split into two acts of 45 minutes with an interval of whatever length the client desires slotted in between.  The whole show fits into an area approx. 8 ft square (honestly) and requires about half an hour to both put up and take down.  From experience we have found that any age group enjoys our version of ‘The Good Old Days’ and it is not as limited in appeal as one might think.