Be amazed and entertained by this award winning mind-reading performance. Using high level psychology and mind control techniques, we give the most convincing demonstrations of mind-reading. Using skills that are so refined that we were officially voted the “Mentalist of the year” at the prestigious Northants Magicians Club.
A performance is suitable for any type of event. Hugely versatile, we present a unique interactive show in any number of situations and styles from private parties and after dinner entertainment to corporate conferences and presentations.  A popular format for restaurants is private entertainment at individual tables culminating in a floor show of 30 minutes involving everyone present.
As always we offer something 'a bit different'. Nobody does what we do in quite the way that we do it, and all of the material is unique! We present a good mix of effects, balancing fun and laughs with more thought-provoking material. Whilst showing you that your mind can do extraordinary things, whilst having fun with things that look psychic or paranormal.
It's amazing, it's fun and it's intriguing!

However, we always make it clear that what you are enjoying are illusions, and you are not witnessing a real psychic event. But if you didn't know, you wouldn't know! An Evening of Mind reading is an original, stimulating and amazing evening that your guests will be talking about long after the event.