A new slant on an old favorite with real people instead of puppets performing the stories of Punch & Judy. All the politically incorrect material has been removed (so no wife beating or baby battering), instead there is a huge element of slapstick. Big blow-up sticks, custard pies, buckets of water and even those giant water-pistol ‘super-soakers’ are featured, all of which means that we have a very funny and very wet entertainment for all the family with lots of shouting, booing, ‘he’s behind you’s and other audience participation. Our Real-People Punch & Judy Shows are mini-pantomimes, which can be performed all the year round. 

There are three shows to choose from, which means that we can present a different story every time. 

Mr. Punch isn’t very good at baby-sitting, so the audience must help to keep an eye on him when Judy goes to town.

When a crocodile escapes from the zoo, it makes straight for the sausages Mr. Punch is cooking. But Judy thinks he’s eating them himself and must be punished.

We should perhaps say that water is not used too much when we’re performing indoors. Sorry!