"Wacky Waiters" is an excellent way of entertaining your clients 'with a difference'! A new interactive entertainment.  Among the efficient staff at any gathering are one or two inept waiters.  They spill the wine, offer the wrong food, swig slyly from their whisky bottles and generally add to the confusion in this evening of mischievous comedy and mayhem. Our unusual comedy 'waiters and waitresses' confuse your guests by masquerading as the genuine articles.
Any ‘feisty’ guest is let in the secret when they show their feelings by means of a card congratulating them on discovering the bogus staff.  The card also requests them to keep the joke to themselves and watch with their new knowledge!  As the fun evening progresses, guests eventually realise they've been 'had' - all is revealed and the characters exposed, but usually not before the waiters have dropped their last plate.